Friday, March 27, 2015

(Video) Awesome Save by Phillips on Benik


Check out this save.

Game Day A few Things

The NCAA playoffs start today. You could say, today, is the first day of the rest of your season. Lose and your team goes home. Win and you move on. Only one team in the NCAA playoffs is going to win their last game. A reporter from Fox asked Hakstol about the playoffs and this is what the head coach had to say.

“You said it. It’s one-and-done," Hakstol said. "Winner moves on, loser does not.”

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wall Street Journal: North Dakota Needs a Nickname

 like many UND fans know that the nickname is gone and never coming back. I also didn't know that UND could become the first Division I team to win a title without a nickname.
Matthew Futterman, Wall Street Journal -- In 2012, North Dakota dropped its old nickname, the Fighting Sioux, after a long legislative and legal battle. The NCAA had threatened to not allow North Dakota to host postseason games if it continued to use the name and display its Native American head logo. In a statewide referendum, 67% of voters supported getting rid of them.

But in the process, a cooling-off period was imposed until 2015 before the school could pick a new name. So as North Dakota begins play Friday in the 16-team hockey tournament—it is hosting the West regional in Fargo, about 80 miles from its Grand Forks campus—there is another crucial piece of business at hand: replacing the beloved Fighting Sioux name.

“It is a very emotional issue,” said Lowell Schweigert, a North Dakota alumnus and booster who was a quarterback and a pitcher for the Fighting Sioux in the 1970s.

n January, Schweigert began serving on a committee charged with facilitating the selection of a new nickname this year. The committee only came into being as the end of the cooling-off period loomed. “Our charge now is to have something done by May,” said Schweigert, a financial consultant in Grand Forks. “That is a pretty ambitious goal.”

Relief is on the way. On Wednesday, the committee on the new nickname announced it will accept suggestions from the public through April. Suggestions must be 25 characters or less. The committee will choose three finalists for a public vote as soon as May.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015

(Video) Dion Phaneuf and Kyle Brodziak Fight

Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Dion Phaneuf and Minnesota Wild forward Kyle Brodziak drop the mitts. I would say that this was a good fight. I am actually surprised that Phaneuf fought.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

NCAA Brackets are Set

The Gophers and the Bulldogs face off in the North East Regional.

For those that are wondering, UND 7:00 PM on ESPNU. Some fans are saying that UND has the easiest draw, but there are no easy draws this time of year.

The NCAA Bracket Projections

This is the bracket projection from College Hockey News.

Midwest Region, South Bend, Ind.
1. Minnesota State vs. 16. RIT
8. UNO vs. 10. Minnesota

West Region, Fargo, N.D.
2. North Dakota vs. 15. Providence
7. Michigan Tech vs. 12. St. Cloud State

Northeast Region, Manchester, N.H.
3. Boston University vs. 14. Quinnipiac
6. Duluth vs. 11. Boston College

East Region, Providence, R.I.
4. Miami vs. 13. Yale
5. Denver vs. 9. Harvard

Here's what SBN College Hockey is projecting.

Northeast Regional
Verizon Center
Manchester, NH
1. Miami
2. Denver
3. St. Cloud State
4. Yale

West Regional
Scheels Arena
Fargo, ND
1. North Dakota
2. Michigan Tech
3. Minnesota
4. Providence

Midwest Regional
Compton Arena
South Bend, Ind.
1. Minnesota State
2. Nebraska-Omaha
3. Harvard
4. RIT

East Regional
Dunkin Donuts Center
Providence, RI
1. Boston University
2. Minnesota Duluth
3. Boston College
4. Quinnipiac

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Shot Charts After Two Periods

The shot charts after two period. Most of UND shots were from the perimeter. Not a lot of in the slot shots. s/t Stats on Crack.

UND vs. DU, Third Place Game

For UND, Johnny Simonson is out, Wade Murphy is in. Refs: Joe Sullivan and Tom Sterns. Linesmen: Sterling Egan, Justin Hills.

Friday, March 20, 2015

A Look at the Pairwise with One Game Left

According to Brad Schlossman, he seems to think that with the win, UMN will be heading to Fargo, ND. With the win, SCSU is in the tourney. UND is now the number two team in the Pairwise.

SCSU vs. UND Semifinal Lines

A couple of big lineup subtractions for the SCSU Huskies. Out for the game is forward Kalle Kossila and defenseman Andrew Prochno.